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Greenies and Dog Teeth

The Healthier the Teeth, The Healthier the Dog

Greenies® has teamed up with Dr. Sheldon Rubin to better educate the public on issues involving dogs’ dental care. Dr. Rubin has amassed quite a resume over the past 30 years. He has had six dog/pet health-related books published, served as the Chief of Staff at the Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago, and has an extensive roster of patients, including Oprah Winfrey’s dogs.

Together, the Greenies® team and Dr. Rubin have come up with a list of various informational topics to help you understand the how and why of canine oral health, as well as to help prevent potential or combat existing oral health issues.

Top 7 Warning Signs of Oral Problems:

Warning signs may sometimes vary in severity and appearance times may fluctuate, but the following symptoms have been documented as the top precursors to potentially threatening oral health conditions. The top warning signs of declining oral health are:

1) Bad breath

2) Tartar build-up at the gum line

3) Red, swollen gums

4) Excessive drooling

5) Broken or discolored teeth

6) Blood on dog toys

7) Trouble chewing hard food.

Don’t automatically assume that if your dog displays one of the signs that they need immediate attention. Oral situations may differ between dogs based on their diet and lifestyle. If you suspect something may be unusual or abnormal, consult your veterinarian.

How to Help:

Dr. Rubin suggests that your dog’s dental/oral health parallel yours in importance. Make sure that your dog has an annual or biannual checkup with a veterinarian. This should include a professional cleaning to ensure the removal of any accumulating plaque and tartar. Dental maintenance needs to be a daily occurrence, so if your schedule doesn’t allow time to be set aside to brush your dog’s teeth, make sure he at least has something to chew on. Greenies® Dental Chews are specifically engineered with oral health care in mind and make for excellent brushing alternatives.

The Importance of Chewing:

Chewing is a natural habit that dogs need to execute for their health. The chewing action strengthens their jaws and teeth. The chewing agent acts as an abrasive and removes tartar and plaque build-up on the teeth and along the gum line. For this reason, you should make sure that your dog is equipped with plenty of suitable chew toys; this will keep them from chewing on items that may damage their teeth.

The Power of Dental Chews:

Dental Chews are great because they serve as an easy and effective alternative to daily brushing. They also maintain health levels between checkups and vet visits. The New Greenies® Dental Chews are a good choice because they are flexible and have a softer texture that allows your dog's tooth to actually penetrate, which helps reduce plaque and tartar over a wider area of his tooth.

Studies have shown that just one New Greenies® Dental Chew a day will result in a 69% reduction in calculus build-up and a 10.5% reduction in plaque build-up. They also help to freshen breath!

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