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Must Have Grooming Tools for Dogs

To achieve quality results when grooming you must first be equipped with the basics. Whether you groom as a means of income or simply to keep your dogs looking their absolute best, there are some basic tools you will need to get things started. Listed below are a few examples with brief descriptions.

Dog Brushes – Brushes usually come in three categories: bristle, wire-pin, and slicker. Bristle dog brushes are very versatile and can be used to work out developing mats, separate layers for trimming or to style hair. Wire pin dog brushes can either come equipped with or without rubber tipped bristles; this type works best on dogs with thick or wooly coats. Slicker dog brushes have finer wire bristles and are most often used on dogs that have a dense undercoat; these are rarely used on smooth-coated breeds.

Combs – Combs also come in varieties of size and style for many purposes. They may be fine-toothed dog combs, medium-toothed dog combs or wide-toothed dog combs; some may come with a combination of all three for your convenience. Fine-tooth combs are generally used on soft and silky coats. Medium-tooth combs are somewhat all-purpose. Wide-tooth combs are ideal for heavy coats and can sometimes be used on working out stubborn mats.

Dog Clippers and Blades – This area of grooming tools is heavily debated among groomers; each person has their favorite brand and features. The same goes for almost any type of product – you just need to find the right one for you. Some models come equipped with easy-to-change snap-on blades, while others require tools to change blades. The use and maintenance of clippers is a subject of high importance of professional grooming school and training program curricula. Snap-on combs designed for clippers have helped grooming become more efficient.

Clipper Vacuums – During the 1990s, an innovative development came along to aid the progressive expansion of pet grooming – the clipper vacuum. One may wonder why it took so long for this change to come about, because of the simplistic nature of its construction. The design features an attached vacuum hose that sucks the hair while the clipper runs. This is a great tool to have on hand because they reduce the amount of airborne hairs, dirt and dander, simplifying cleanup.

Scissors and Shears – Like clippers, each groomer has their own preferences and opinions about different types of scissors. Styles for scissors include straight, curved, blunt-tipped and ones specifically used for thinning. Professional school courses and training programs usually instruct instances on how and when to use the various types. It is better to buy quality scissors and shears right off the bat, rather than be forced to replace them in a short time or be burdened by having to work with dull or damaged blades.

Bathing Equipment – Although you may think this only includes dog shampoos, conditioners and lotions. it actually goes beyond that. This category includes equipment that rangers from mountable wash stations to stainless steel tubs with shower heads that can be easily manipulated. Dispensers for all of your shampoos and other liquids are also available.

Dog Nail Clippers – Nail clippers are essential for groomers and come in different sizes to accommodate different breeds.

Grooming Tables – Grooming tables come in stationary models, hydraulic and electrical versions. The hydraulic table raises and lowers with pumping action by the groomer. Electric tables have a built-in motor to raise and lower the tabletop. Accessories are also available for grooming tables.

Specialized De-matting Equipment – Brushes and combs may not be enough to break-up significant matting. De-matting tools do the job. Dog mat splitters help to break the mat into smaller pieces which are then more easily removed with brush and comb action. They are essential tools for professional groomers and come in various forms. Be sure to obtain instruction in the proper use of this tool for the safety of pets.

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