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Buying a Dog Grooming Kit

1) What's your desired outcome? The most important consideration to take into account is the dog grooming purpose. Will you be showing your dog in competition or simply caring for them as a pet? For show dogs, a wider variety of items will be necessary to obtain a show-quality appearance.

2) Educate yourself. Discuss grooming with the breeder you purchased your dog from; you can also consult your veterinarian. Keep in mind that certain dog breeds require special grooming and may need specific techniques done to achieve the desired look.

3) Keep it to the essentials. Don’t bother making purchases on items that you won’t need. Some of these items, such as grooming tables, can be quite expensive, and essentially unnecessary if you don’t have intentions to show your dog.

4) Equip yourself with the proper tools. Purchase a dog grooming comb with fine and coarse teeth, as well as dog nail clippers. Consider an electric nail clipper, which is often easier to use than a manual one. Clotting agents should also be kept on hand in case the nails are clipped too closely and bleed. Dog shampoo should also be carefully selected.

5) It’s not just hair and nails. Keep in mind that you will need a toothbrush and toothpaste; a fingertip dog toothbrush will offer you more ease and control. Remember that you should never use human toothpaste on dogs.

6) All coats are different, so are the brushes. Realize that you may need several types of brushes to care for your dog's coat: A

7) Do you make the cut? Buy a clipper and blades, along with dog clipper coolant to cool the blades. This is only necessary if you will be cutting your dog's fur yourself. If you have no experience doing this, let a professional groomer do the job.

8) Be prepared for breed specific needs. You may need dog liquid ear cleaner and pet cotton swabs.

9) Keep your cool. Use a special dog-fur dryer if you will blowing your dog's fur dry; regular hair dryers channel heat differently and can burn a dog.

10) Get it together and keep it organized. Purchase a large storage box, preferably one with handles, to house all of your grooming supplies.

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