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Thumbnail Bad Day For This Weather Man

Bad Day For This Weather Man

Meet Mike and Ripple the new weather team in Edmonton. Ripple a shelter dog was visiting the station that day in hopes of getting some air time to get adopted. Hopefully his behavior won't hinder him from getting a home. Ripple steals the show and Mike handles it pretty well… Watch Now!

Thumbnail Peek A Boo Cat

Peek A Boo Cat

Cats are just so funny, this will make you laugh for sure. Check out this cute feline playing peek-a-boo with his owner. He thinks he is so sneaky. We love how cats act cool no matter what they do. Do you have a crazy cat in your life? Youtube / Suphalak Phutpheng Watch Now!

Thumbnail Dog is Not Having it Today!

Dog is Not Having it Today!

This Newfoundland is VERY good at preforming tricks, but that doesn't mean that he likes to! This is seriously too cute! Does anyone else's dog do this? :) Youtube/Rumble Viral Watch Now!

Thumbnail A Running Bang!

A Running Bang!

Boom goes the Doxie! Check out Gracie as she slides into a BANG! Very cute, this little pup enjoys this twist on playing dead trick. She even backs up and does it again. We love seeing dog owners spending time with their pups. Teaching tricks is a great way to use brain ener… Watch Now!

Thumbnail Cats vs Brooms: Who Will Win?

Cats vs Brooms: Who Will Win?

One of times oldest battles have finally made it to your screen! The cat vs the broom. Watch as these two go head to head in a battle royale! One a less exaggerated note, you may want to watch this! It is hilarious! :) Youtube/Fabulous Mr. Pug Watch Now!

Thumbnail All We Are Saying Is, Give Pits A Chance

All We Are Saying Is, Give Pits A Chance

In honor of Pit Bull Awareness Month we wanted to take a moment and share a fun compilation of these fun lovable dogs. So often mis understood but thankfully laws are changing and education is taking over. Hopefully one day dogs will be judged on an individual basis and not … Watch Now!

Thumbnail This Dog Can DIVE!

This Dog Can DIVE!

It may not be Summer anymore, but that doesn't mean we cannot sit in awe of this diving dog! We think he may have more lung capacity than we do! Do you have a dog with a special skill? How did they get to the level that they are now? Think about these questions as you watch … Watch Now!

Thumbnail What A Smarty Cat

What A Smarty Cat

This cat figures out the pur-fect way to get a drink. This cats owner was able to catch her feline friend getting a drink from the water cooler. What a smart little cat, very impressive and doesn't seem to mind getting her feet a little wet. Youtube / AFV Animals Watch Now!

Thumbnail Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Pooch

Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Pooch

With Halloween just around the corner and all the contest and parades coming up we thought we show you some fun ideas to get you in the spirit of things. Check out some of these fun costumes that aren't just for dogs, there are cats, horses, guinea pigs and more! Youtube / … Watch Now!

Thumbnail A Unique Way To Eat

A Unique Way To Eat

Check out the way Bella eats her dinner. When she was just a pup her owners found out that she had an issue with her esophagus and she was unable to eat like normal dogs. So they designed this "chair" just for her so she could eat. She gets in eats her meal then just chills … Watch Now!

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