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Thumbnail A Great Dane And His Little Girl

A Great Dane And His Little Girl

Dogs add so much to our lives, but this is an extra special story of Bella and her Great Dane George. He is able to give her the confidence and a normal life. Bella has a rare genetic disorder and she can't walk without help and George gives her the freedom to walk like ever… Watch Now!

Thumbnail Magpie Laughs Like A Child

Magpie Laughs Like A Child

This amazing little magpie laughs exactly like a child. It is sort of strange but really awesome! Has anyone else seen a magpie do this before? :) Youtube/Rumble Viral Watch Now!

Thumbnail Check Out The New Puppy Pad

Check Out The New Puppy Pad

The new puppy pad that has nothing to do with housebreaking. This cute Doxie is having a blast with his owners tablet, not sure if I would let my dog do this, but he is really enjoying himself. So cute I can't stand it. Youtube / GoGo One Watch Now!

Thumbnail Dogs Vs Talking Pizza

Dogs Vs Talking Pizza

Maymo and Penny live in a world of excitement and this video is no different. Everything seems normal until a mysterious talking pizza shows up....Watch what happens next! Youtube/Maymo Watch Now!

Thumbnail Kiah The Pitty In Poughkeepsie

Kiah The Pitty In Poughkeepsie

Check out the newest member of the Poughkeepsie Police Department, she is a young Pit Bull helping out her humans find people and drugs. These pups often get a bad wrap but when you put the time in and socialize them properly they are wonderful dogs. Youtube / Associated Pr… Watch Now!

Thumbnail Panda Snow Day

Panda Snow Day

One little panda woke up to a Winter Wonderland when snow fell at the San Diego zoo. The result was amazing! :) Youtube/San Diego Zoo Watch Now!

Thumbnail This Dog LOVES Adele

This Dog LOVES Adele

In honor of Adele's new single being unleashed on the world we would like to dig up with awesome video! I think it is safe to say that some of the internet will be doing the same thing this dog is with her new single " When We Were Young." We may or may not be sobbing over h… Watch Now!

Thumbnail Stay Cats Crash G20 Summit

Stay Cats Crash G20 Summit

"Don't mind us, we are just here for the party!" Even though they were not on the program, some adorable stray cats decided it was their time on stage at the G20 summit in Turkey. We cannot get over how cute they are! :) Youtube/Grasswire Watch Now!

Thumbnail Adorable Fox Steals Golf Club Covers

Adorable Fox Steals Golf Club Covers

It seems like someone was bored with golf and decided to play their own games? This adorable fox can't seem to get enough of this golf club cover. The result is an adorable moment between a fox and their new human friend! Youtube/Kyoot Animals Watch Now!

Thumbnail Simon's Cat: Pug Life

Simon's Cat: Pug Life

Simon's inquisitive cat is back! This time Simon's cat is in the cone of shame! JUST when it seems like things cannot get worst for him, Pug comes in and changes that. Check out this adorable installment of Simon's Cat. youtube/simonscat Watch Now!

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