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Thumbnail Maymo Helps His Sister

Maymo Helps His Sister

Maymo is such a good big brother helping his sister Penny get a pepper. These two are so cute I love watching their antics. After all the pepper nabbing they both settle down for a nice little nap. Youtube / Maymo Watch Now!

Thumbnail Cats And Boxes You Can't Go Wrong

Cats And Boxes You Can't Go Wrong

A bunch of boxes and a couple cats will provide some fun entertainment for sure. If you have a couple cats this would be fun to try. We can buy toys, treats and cat trees to play with, but no doubt cats love the simple things. Youtube / 9 cats. Watch Now!

Thumbnail Working Through A Problem

Working Through A Problem

Hmmmm, what to do? Check out this smart pooch as he just won't give until he figures out a way to make this work. Most dogs would probably give up, but he is determined to get this stick or log across. Is your dog a problem solver? Youtube / AFV Animals Watch Now!

Thumbnail Barry Enjoys Some Bath Time

Barry Enjoys Some Bath Time

Meet Barry the Pug, this little guy really enjoys his bath time. Most dogs seem to dread this, but yet if you take them to a lake or pond they can't stay out of the water. Do you have a dog that hates the tub but loves the lake? Youtube / David Stanton Watch Now!

Thumbnail Puppies vs The Stairs, Who Will Win?

Puppies vs The Stairs, Who Will Win?

Oh no, the dreaded stairs, what to do! Check out this silly puppies trying to figure this strange obstacle. Some seem to be ok with it, while others start to cry. Luckily after a few tries most are ok and get to be pretty good and mastering the steps. Youtube / FunnyTV Watch Now!

Thumbnail Crazy Cat Madness

Crazy Cat Madness

Cats are great for making us laugh, they do such funny things sometimes and even when they are bad we still love them. Does your cat have a crazy quirk you can share with us? Youtube / Exclusive Watch Now!

Thumbnail Duke Reunited After So Many Years

Duke Reunited After So Many Years

This is such a great story, a man is reunited after having his dog stolen years ago. Thanks to a chip they found Duke's owner who had pretty much given up on finding him. Micro-chipping your pets can save their life. Youtube / Miami Herald Watch Now!

Thumbnail A Little Dog Making A Big Difference

A Little Dog Making A Big Difference

Meet Nala, a pint size therapy dog that brings smiles and joy to all of her favorite people. This little pup loves her work, she goes to this nursing home and runs to greet all of her friends. Dogs are great for making a bad day better, we can learn so much from our dogs. Y… Watch Now!

Thumbnail Excited Dog Invents A New Language

Excited Dog Invents A New Language

Check ou this excited pup. Most dogs love to go for rides and when they realize they are going somewhere fun, like the dog park, they can get pretty happy. Well this pooch is so excited he starts chattering in a whole new dog language. Does your dog enjoy car rides? Youtube… Watch Now!

Thumbnail Maymo And HIs Cabbages

Maymo And HIs Cabbages

Cabbages for dog toys? What? We love Maymo he always makes us laugh. He also is very loved I don't know many dog owners that will allow their dog to do what he does. Watch him destroy these cabbages. But he's having fun and making them laugh and that's what matters. Enjoy! … Watch Now!

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